UiPath Academy ACME Solution

Step by Step Guide :-

1.First Thing is to make TransactionItem Datatype to String.Also change TransactionData Datatype to DataTable.

2.Create a folder named Acme_Solution . In this folder we will create all web automation of Acme.From Login to extract data from Datatable and also for Work Item update will be kept here.

3.We will create a Login Flow named ACME_Login and we will put it inside Acme_Automation folder.

4.We will invoke ACME_Login.xaml inside INIT Sequence.

5. Create a new sequence named ACME_Navigate_To_WorkItem .In this sequence , we will just traverse to Work Item as shown below.

Automating ACME_Login Flow :

Business Case : Try to login with username and password. If any error/wrong Credentials then click on OK and send an email to stake holder.

1. Using Web Automation we will automate the ACME Login flow.
2. Once Element Exists we will try to capture “Dashboard” Heading. and we will store it in a boolean variable named “isOnHomepage”.
3. If isOnHomepage is False then it will click on OK and then we will invoke another workflow named “ACME_Invalid_Login_And_Send_Email”.
4. If isOnHomepage is True then it will go continuing with Invoke Another Workflow named “ACME_Navigating_To_WorkItem”.

Automating ACME_Traversing_Flow :

Business Case : Traverse to Work Item page and search for WI5 .We need t extract entire datatable and filter data present in WI5.

1. Create a new sequence named ACME_Navigate_To_WorkItem . In this sequence , only a click event will be there which will Click on button named “Work Item”.

Automating ACME_Invalid_Login_And_Send_Email :

Business Case : Perform email activity if wrong credentials entered.


Init Block :

We need to do following steps in INIT block.
1. Inside init block , be default Framework invoked InitAllApplications. So we will discuss Inside of InitAllApplications.

Inside InitAllApplications, we will invoke workflow named ACME_Login.xaml.

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