Number Theory:Convert Decimal,Binary,Hexa-Decimal,Octal

Number System:Convert Decimal,Binary,HexaDecimal,Octal

Description :

In this course you will learn how to convert numbers between different numbering systems.This is a crash course for learning conversion from one number system to another number system.

Understand the different numbering systems (Decimal , Binary , Octal , Hexa Decimal )

Learn how to convert :

1) Decimal to Binary

2) Decimal to Hexa Decimal

3) Decimal to Octal

4) Binary to Decimal

5) Binary to Hexa Decimal

6) Binary to Octal

7) Octal to Binary

8) Octal to Decimal

9) Octal to Hexa Decimal

10) Hexa Decimal to Binary

11) Hexa Decimal to Decimal

12) Hexa Decimal to Octal

It is very difficult to imagine number system other than decimal number system. Over the years I am evolving best way to make it understand. I will help you to understand conversion with examples. After you understand the conversions , attempt hand-ons at the end of lecture which will make your concept more clear.

Thinking about different numbering systems can be intimidating.At the end of this course you’ll know all of the basics of understanding and converting between different numbering systems . This crash course will help you to appear in any certification course or will help you in digital electronics course.